XSEED Curriculum

The school follows the XSEED curriculum from class Nursery to Class 5 and from Class 6 onwards we follow the NCERT Textbooks. XSEED is a proven and research based academic program for schools that build thinking skills & problem solving confidence in children. XSEED children ask more questions, can write in their own words, like doing word problems in mathematics, can complete their homework on their own, are not afraid to speak-up in English, persist longer in solving problems, and score well on tests. The XSEED 5-step experiential learning approach was designed in 2008 after over five years of research by alumni from Harvard, Cambridge, MIT and IIM Ahmedabad. The XSEED education approach was especially developed to align with the international standards and syllabus of various boards. In the classroom, XSEED replaces the one-step telling approach with a multi-step learning process since the children learn best by action, followed by reflection and feedback